#222 #pray4president

#222 – pray Psalm 2, do Joel 2, and Believe for Acts 2



God desires to shine His GRACE and MERCY upon America, while displaying His unending zeal for Jerusalem. Today, we are on the verge of a great crisis and a great harvest of souls in our land. In the Presidents 2nd term God is calling for 4.5 million believers to cross political and denominational lines— a John 17 uniting at the cross of Christ—praying “until” our President turns to righteousness. These groups must unite in Acts 2:42 community—small groups of Holy friends—that Love God and serve people through: prayer, evangelism, discipleship and acts of justice. Also, He has a desire to open the ancient wells of the NYC noonday prayer meeting of 1857—refreshing America (empowering all praying moms to CRY out for their children). This is the answer for American today! If we don’t answer this call we will see an increased downward spiral of morality, and then a Good and Merciful Father will respond with a Joel 1 chastening, which will devestate the land as storms and economic shakings increase (one sign will be a violent bear market that shackles our children’s future); a devastating snow storm will come out of season suddenly stopping America; famine will fall in pockets upon the land.

But this does not have to happen! If we turn back to Godliness and Righteousness then God will shine His Grace upon us—empowering us to be an army of salt and light—reaping a great harvest, and righteousness will spring forth, our children will turn and the land will be at PEACE.

The 5th commandment is under assault in America “Honor your father and mother that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God has given you.” With this in mind I had a dream where I was on the coast of America and I saw waves of chastisement pounding the east coast (I saw this before hurricane Sandy, but hurricane Sandy is not the end). The waves were ankle deep and then quickly went to knee deep. I knew in my heart this was knee-deep revival for those that turn to the Lord, and knee-deep chastisement for those that stood against God. But I was not prepared to walk into the storm and act for revival because I did not have—a spirit of holiness. Then God knocked on my front door to invite me out into the storm. I opened the door and in walked two of His lions. They walked over everything arresting my heart with the fear of the Lord—causing me to reconsider all. Wisdom said in order for you to enter the knee-deep harvest field, of this season, let me enter your home and judge your TIME and ENERGY.


Today, let us embrace “the path of personal and corporate holiness” Personally, we must grow in intimacy with Jesus—the first commandment first place in our lives—so that we are empowered by GRACE to live out a HOLY lifestyle, allowing Him to judge our time and energy.

Corporately, let us unify—yes with those and them—as we behold the blueprint of unity, the Trinity’s UNITY—their love, humility, and serving devotion to each other—found in John 17. Lets us—do 222—gathering together and Praying Psalm 2 for the kings and leaders of the earth, gathering together in sacred Joel 2 solemn assemblies, and let us believe for and Acts 2 outpouring on the nation. Let us embrace Godly Acts 2:42 community and bands of holy men and woman that love God and serve each other into their calling. Lets us consume the word, embrace our heavenly position, and pray until His revealed will comes into existence. Let our praying groups go forth, systematically evangelizing the lost—serving acts of justice that change our neighborhoods.