What if Christians, united,

In love,

and held a call to prayer?

Each Friday the largest unified prayer meetings occurs as 1000s of Muslim students religiously assemble together, on colleges and universities to pray (I have a first hand eye witnessed account of Friday at 2pm Muslim prayer). This happens worldwide—time zone after time zone—students calling upon the name of Allah.  Some Muslims pray 5 times a day, and some 3. Since 9/11 what has happened to Muslim influence on our campuses and universities is alarming. Where is the Christian response?


January of 2015 a Muslim student group was given permission to conceive a public “call to prayer” at Duke University. What is a call to prayer? The Muslim call to prayer is:

Adhan is called out by a muezzin from the mosque five times a day, traditionally from the minaret, summoning Muslims for mandatory (fard) worship (salat). A second call, known as iqama, (set up) then summons Muslims to line up for the beginning of the prayers. The main purpose behind the multiple loud pronouncements of adhan in every mosque is to make available to everyone an easily intelligible summary of Islamic belief. It is intended to bring to the mind of every believer and non-believer the substance of Islamic beliefs, or its spiritual ideology. In modern times, loudspeakers have been installed on minarets for this purpose.

The adhan recites the Takbir (God is great)[1] followed by the Shahada (There is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah).”




Faithful ones like Franklin Graham stood up, publically stating, in a Facebook post:

“As Christianity is being excluded from the public square and followers of Islam are raping, butchering, and beheading Christians, Jews, and anyone who doesn’t submit to their Sharia Islamic law, Duke is promoting this in the name of religious pluralism. I call on the donors and alumni to withhold their support from Duke until this policy is reversed.”

Thank God for Franklin Graham taking a bold stand for Jesus Christ. I know many of my friends tweeted, posted, and took a public stand, but how many took a heavenly stand? How many of us made our voice heard in Heaven? Where is our call to prayer?

As a result of the public outcry Duke University reversed their claim by stating,

“Duke University has reconsidered a previously announced plan to present a traditional Muslim call-to-prayer from the Duke Chapel bell tower, campus officials said Thursday.

The call to prayer, or “adhan,” which announces the start of a weekly jummah prayer service that has been held in the Chapel basement for the past several years, will not come from the bell tower on Friday as announced earlier. 

“Duke remains committed to fostering an inclusive, tolerant and welcoming campus for all of its students,” said Michael Schoenfeld, vice president for public affairs and government relations. “However, it was clear that what was conceived as an effort to unify was not having the intended effect.”

Jummah prayers have taken place in the basement of Duke Chapel for many years, and start with the traditional call to prayer chant. Members of the Muslim community will now gather on the quadrangle outside the Chapel, a site of frequent interfaith programs and activities, before moving to its regular location for prayers. More than 700 of Duke’s 15,000 undergraduate and graduate students identify as Muslim.”



as if someone’s life depended on this, because it does


Imagine each Friday, as Muslims gather, filling the atmosphere with idolatrous worship; turning their back on the future Throne of God on Earth, bowing towards Mecca, knowingly (and some unknowingly) defying The Son of God—the ONE that desires them with everlasting LOVE.

The question we need to ask is, where is the “dream of Hagar”? Hagar was the mother of Ishmael, and she cried out and the Lord answered her, saved her son, and He gave her promises for her son and his people (Gen. 21:1-21). We must pray these promises today. Let our cry, before the Throne of Grace, for the Muslims freedom from bondage, be greater than the imprisonment of their prayers to Allah.


  1. Muslims to be saved – Hagar lifted up a cry and God heard her. Let us lift up a cry before the Throne of God for many to be saved (Gen. 21:1-21).
  2. Christians in Muslim nations – many 1000’s are coming to Christ, in Muslim nations, and we need to pray and encourage them through practical ministries. Pray they grow in prayer and the knowledge of God, as they preach the gospel with signs and wonders.
  3. Ask God for a peaceful prayer movement for Muslims to arise on Friday’s – We need a prayer movement not a hateful protest.
  4. Pray for Christians that are struggling with Islam – Last week alone I had a two separate calls from friends asking for prayer for their sisters that were being tantalized by Islam.


Imagine every Friday, across the US, time zone after time zone, 2pm until 3pm, group after group, gathering to pray for God to enlighten the eyes of Muslims; praying they receive revelation and graciously discover Jesus, the Son of God and the Son of Man—the Holy One of Israel, the Way the Truth and Life.

IHOPKC, along with many others, have a time of prayer for Muslims (Global prayer room; Friday at 12pm CST). What if small groups gathered, east to west coast, time zone after time zone, in compassion and love, seeking God’s mercy and grace, to open the eyes of the blind?

At a Holy Club meeting near Miami University in Oxford, we gather at 2pm and compassionately pray: For Muslims to be saved, Christians in Muslim nations to grow in prayer and the knowledge of God, asking God for a peaceful prayer movement for Muslims to arise on Friday’s, and we pray for those being tempted by the subtle enticement of Islam.


We simply do a “call to prayer”. One person stands up in the front of the group and triumphantly declares the Name, Nature, and Attributes’ of God. Then we pray the “OUR FATHER”, again and again, stopping in-between lines, as lead by the Holy Spirit, to ask for students and situations by name. What if we held a “call to prayer” every Friday?

Imagine our Friday’s as churches, Houses of Prayer, colleges and universities, high schools, flag polls, marketplace settings—lifting up their voice, before the throne of Grace, answering the “dream of Hagar”—person, by person, name after name.


But! The story does not end there. We also need increase prayer INSIDE the Middles East, Africa and other predominately Muslim nations; inspiring Christians in Muslim nations to pray. Each day, in predominately Muslim nations, through missionaries’ efforts and spiritual encounters (ie. dreams, visions, etc.) many are courageously coming to undeniable faith in Jesus. So part of our prayer effort needs to be focused on vehemently strengthening the praying communities in Muslim nations. One way we can do this is by partnering with international broadcasting stations that have feed into Muslim nations; we can stream the Friday 2pm prayer meeting from the Global Prayer room through the satellite feed into the Muslim nations around the earth. This will embolden, believers as they hear the prayer of Americans affectionately praying for them at their very hour of need.


What if each Friday Christians gathered together, weekly, and prayed on our colleges and universities? What if we simply did a “call to prayer” and prayed the Lord’s Prayer UP, IN, OUT.


What if someone from our group—In Love and adoration—stood up and did a call to Prayer, saying,

“You are the LORD, the LORD God; Merciful, Gracious, Patient… (1)

You are the Son of God, the begotten of the Father…(2)

You are the Savior…Holy one of Israel… (3)

You are Our Father in Heaven…” (4)

1-Exodus 34:5-7
2-Psalm 2
3-Isaiah 43:3
4-Matthew 6:8-13


What if we prayed the “Our Father” together Praying UP, IN, OUT?

UP – PRAY “up” to God; declaring, back to God, His Sovereign Leadership over all Creation, with holy adoration giving Him the Glory due His Name.  Staring Him straight in the eyes, in the confidence of a son and daughter, washed in the Blood of the Lamb, ministering back to Him, together with one voice, “Our Father, in Heaven, Hallowed be Your Name….”

IN – PRAY “in” to our hearts; with hands over our hearts, praying the truth in this prayer, in faith, until we believe and are transformed—enjoying God because He enjoys us—as we pray together “Our Father, in Heaven, Hallowed be Your Name….” 

OUT – praying “out” over our campus or neighborhood; What if we held our hands out towards the campus and with one voice prayed together for: America, Israel, and the Nations…“Our Father, in Heaven, Hallowed be Your Name….”



For Justice in our streets…

For racial and gender equality…

To make the Name of Jesus Famous…

What if we prayed for our President?

What if we prayed for Muslims to meet Jesus Christ?

What if we prayed for holiness in our church for those struggling with heterosexual and homosexual (LGBTQ) issues?

What if we prayed for revival?

What if we prayed for Jew and Arab to become one new man in Jesus?



What if we gathered on campuses and the marketplace every Friday for prayer?

What if we gathered and held (not a protest) but a prayer meeting, not just a prayer meeting, but also a solemn, a holy, prayer meeting?


2 Chronicles 7:14 (NKJV)

“If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”



What if God is inviting us to a

“call to Prayer”?


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