Civil War in America??


Benjamin’s thoughts January 22, 2012 to November 7, 2012

Civil War

There is a civil war in this nation that is being fought in our courts, churches, public schools, offices, over the radio and internet, on campuses and sadly in families—over the issue of God’s morality vs. man’s—God wants to bring healing and unite us. We have taken sides against one another just as we did before The American Civil War (1861–1865).

I believe the book of Joel serves as a plum line for God’s redemptive strategy. It shows us that God’s way is RIGHTEOUS and leads to repentance; if we do not listen then His progressive mercy is released as judgment upon the Land in order to turn our hearts to truth.

Our country’s past civil war shows the picture of what is happening today. The Civil War was fought because of the innocent blood shed of the native and African Americans; their blood was the counterbalance, which pulled our nation into civil war. At Appomattox General Lee laid down his life, humbled himself, and walked up the steps to sign the treaty with General Grant—bringing PEACE—uniting the nation once again.

Today, the blood shed of abortion and many other forms of wickedness—have divided our nation, and we are at war with one another. Our words, against each other, are destroying the very fabric of this nation. And like our past civil war, time has run its course and Heaven is waiting for us to respond. What will we choose, Mercy or Judgment? Either we turn to God and cry out for the blood of Jesus to cover us; or we face the judgment of God and blood is required (Genesis 9:5-7).

Today, President Obama has the chance to become like Lincoln in this generation and unite America once again—at the Cross of Christ. I believe, if we do not repent, and turn to the Lord—asking for the Blood of Jesus to free us and wash over this land—we will see more “Joplins”, we will see “the shoot heard round the world” (gunfire between races; camera shoots escalating unto riots). AND, in the civil war blood was required…what if this time our sons’ and daughters’ blood will be shed, but this time on foreign soils–in WAR!

Lent and Levite: Uniting the nation under God—Obadiah shouts

There is increased pressure on the apple of God’s eye, Israel, but wisdom can be found, in the book of Obadiah as the force of reconciliation in this season. Two Jewish brothers fought, separated, and within their lifetime were reconciled: Jacob (Israel) and Esau (Edom/today part of modern day Jordan). Obadiah shines light that their reconciliation was short lived and Edom sinned against the God of Israel by idly watching, rejoicing and mocking Israel’s suffering. The Lord ends the book with a precedent, from the Highest Court, that is still applicable; Turn to Him, and acknowledge His ways by embracing Israel—or a nation will face “the day of the Lord”—“as you have done it will be done unto you”.

God desires that none would perish but all would come to repentance—Jew and Gentile reconciled unto one new man—in Christ Jesus. Today He is inviting “Lent” and “Levite” Believers together to pray for Peace in the Middle East. “Lent” are those persons that would prepare before hand to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus. “Levites” are Israeli Jews that believe in Jesus, serving Him day and night. God is asking that we help bring reconciliation like John Paul II when he left a note of prayer in that wailing wall in Jerusalem, “We are deeply saddened by the behaviour of those who in the course of history have caused these children of yours to suffer, and asking your forgiveness we wish to commit ourselves to genuine brotherhood with the people of the Covenant.”

Our Nation is torn and in a civil war of strife and debate over the issues of LIFE and DEATH. God the Reconciler wants to bring, Joel 2 solemn assemblies—bringing Peace in the Middle East and uniting our Nation under God. He wants us to do this by: displaying the testimony of Jesus in His reconciliation story between “Lent” and “Levite” and gathering the largest prayer force (across denominational and party lines) and reigniting the September 23, 1857 NYC noon Marketplace Prayer meetings—to pray for our President and nation to turn back to God; the prayer for Jesus, the Alpha and Omega, to be embraced in America. This is what will unite our nation, helping us to stand against the false reconciliation movement, which is fast upon us.


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