Praying UP, IN, OUT

Praying UP, IN, OUT

The greatest crisis in the world is—the lack of the knowledge of God. The second great crisis? We don’t, by faith, believe, He is who He says He is. Therefore, we can fix this by learning to encounter the knowledge of God—by FAITH BELIEVING—and then obeying God: know, resist, and pursue. The 4 living creatures give us the pattern that will transform our lives.

First we write down the scripture, and then encounter God, by inviting the presence of the Holy Spirit to speak to us, giving us revelation of the Word of God. Then we meditate on the scripture and then “text” God the 3 to grow in holiness questions. Lastly we can pray: UP (to God as we minister to Him); IN (by faith we believe the truth in our heart so that the knowledge of who God is transforms us); OUT (we pray that the revelation of God touch the heart of our holy brothers and sisters so that we can OBEY God.

UP Praying to God in “giving prayer” or ministering to Him with our words; declaring the revelation you just got, back to God.

IN Pray that each of you will believe the Revelation that you just mediated on.

OUT for our Holy Club members, and whoever the Holy Spirit places on our heart.


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