MiamiU. Why is Revival Important? outdoor worship, prayer and evangelism on college campuses.


april 8 2pm Memorial Park

#MiamiU #OxfordOH  On April 8th 2014 students, and multitudes of united praying Jesus believers, will join heaven, in outdoor an prayer, worship, and evangelism event. Two student bands will lead us as we  join together and believe for revival at Miami U, Oxford OH, and the surrounding communities.

Our worship and prayers will ascend to our Good Father in heaven, as we ask for  students to be saved, the hurting to be healed, Justice in our land, and that God would pour out His Spirit on every congregations and all denominations that call upon the name of Jesus.

Why pray in Public?

Jesus called the church to stand as salt and light for all the world to see, which means we must make the effort to be in public, where every eye can see that the Lord is good and He is God. In many nations you cannot stand up in public and proclaim the name of Jesus due to intense life threatening persecution. BUT WE GET TO DO THIS!!!

Back Camera

Here is a picture of Egyptian believers (taken by my friend) gathering in a large cave to pray in the midst of intense persecution.  But we get to gather in Public.

There are several ways that we can publicly proclaim the name of Jesus: worship, fasting, prayer, and evangelism. When the disciples held public worship God poured our His Spirit and brought unity among believers (Acts 2).  When we have public fasting and prayer God desires to release a blessing on the land (2 Chron. 7:14). Public evangelism allows the chance for us to boldly proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and provide true Justice to those that so desperately need it.


On April 8th join students from Miami U., churches from the surrounding area and friends from as far away as California we publicly declare the name of Jesus.


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